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Bizarre Gallery of Grand National Champion… Pigeons!?! [30 pics]

Bizarre Gallery of Grand National Champion… Pigeons!?! [30 pics]

Indian Fantail by Rick Schlais

A recent post on Laughing Squid sent the Sifter on a mission to learn more about the National Pigeon Association and their annual NPA Grand Nationals. Not only is this sub-culture for real, but it is thriving!
With over 3,721 entries representing 26 breeds of pigeon, the 2010 NPA Grand Nationals held in Salt Lake City, Utah, drew over 271 exhibitors from every US State and Canada as well. Below is a collection of some of the winners from the Grand Nationals, in what I’m sure will be a first glimpse for many into this little known hobby.

2. Holly Cropper by Larry Jolly

3. Pomeranian Pouter by Matt Williams

4. Jacobin by Jim Ecker

5. ODC by Layne Gardner


Founded in 1920, the National Pigeon Association is an all-breeds pigeon club with an International membership. Encompassing all varieties of domesticated pigeons, the NPA promotes, educates, and acknowledges the efforts of fanciers in the continued development and care of our “favorite feathered friends!”
As an educational organization, the National Pigeon Association has produced numerous books, pamphlets, and magazines publicizing the enormous contributions the domestic pigeon has made to society. These contributions range from the carrying of messages for nearly all of the major ancient civilizations to helping mankind understand the fundamentals of genetics.
Charles Darwin and B. F. Skinner are scientific icons because of their association and study of the domestic pigeon. From fertilizer to gunpowder, the domestic pigeon has shaped the civilization we know.
Another significant contibutor to the hobby of pigeon keeping was Wendell M Levi, who has an NPA award named after him. Dr. Levi wrote one of the most sigficant works about all aspects of the pigeon hobby. His book, written originally in 1941 entitled “The Pigen”, made significant contributions to the pigeon hobby.
The NPA Grand National is the largest pigeon show in the United States. The Grand National is held annually in alternating geographical areas of the country. Showcasing over 200 breeds of fancy, exhibition pigeons, the Grand National frequently attracts nearly 9,000 prized, pedigreed Columbidae.

6. Bokhara Trumpeter by Tally Mezzanatto

7. Chinese Owl by John de Carlo Jr.

8. Fantail by Amir Turkanovic

9. Muffed ELF by Larry Deckert

10. Saxon Pouter by Tally Mezzanatto


Domestic Pigeons with individually identifiable leg bands are registered with one of several National Pigeon Organizations. If there is No band on its leg, it is a wild pigeon and does not belong to any pigeon fancier or club. If you find an injured pigeon without a band on its leg, and it cannot be released, contact your local Humane Society.

11. Budapest Tumbler by Mike Spencer

12. Carrier by Kevin Heppner

13. German Beakcrested Trumpeter by Mike Cobb

14. Komoner Tumbler by Darrell Sebastian

15. Maltese by Noe Rodrigga


16. Swiss Mondaine by Emily Isom

17. Bohemian Pouter by Ryan Bateman

18. Persian Roller by Brad Child

19. Cauchois by Jim Oldham

20. Schmalkaldnener Mohrenkopf by Pariseau Lofts


21. Show King by Joe Neehercot

22. Gros Mondain by John Heppner

23. Modena by Rex Arnold

24. Mookee by James Jensen

25. Nun by John Heppner


26. Saint by Isaac Carillo

27. Scandaroon by John Heppner

28. Classic Oriental Frill by Larry Jolly

29. Pigmy Pouter by Tally Mezzanatto

30. Frillback by Tally Mezzanatto

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