Monday, May 23, 2011

Monochrome Italy From 1890s

Sailboats in the harbor of Naples
Salesman of macaronis, Naples.
Naples, Italy
Crater of Vesuvius
Naples Pier
A street scene in Naples.
Panorama from the height of the [milanskogo] cathedral
General view of the town of Meta, Italy
Fisherman’s Island II, Lake Maggiore, Italy
[Pallantsa] island, [Madzhore] lake, Italy
Mountain Rosa, [Gressoniya], Italy
Mountain Rosa, [Gressoniya], Italy
[Torbolo], [Garda] lake, Italy
Valley Of [toskolana], road and tunnels, [Garda] lake
Road To [ponale] and view of [Rivu], [Garda] lake, Italy
Valley Of [sarka], [Garda] lake, Italy
Waterfall To [ponale], [Garda] lake
Court of royal museum, Florence, Italy
[Kadenabiya], Como lake, Italy
Blue grotto, Capri island, Italy
Arena, Verona, Italy
[Emannuel] OF THE II, Venice, Italy
Palace of doges and SV stamp in the moonlight, Venice, Italy
[Pyatsetta] and San [Dzhordzhio] in the moonlight, Venice, Italy
Steamship Hohenzollern leaves the harbor of Venice, Italy
Venetian cavity
Street life in Venice
Island San [Dzhordzhio], Venice, Italy
[Pyatsetta] and the column of saint stamp, Venice, Italy
Military parade over the area SV stamp, Venice, Italy
Internal decoration of cathedral SV stamp in Venice, Italy
Men feed show blue over the area SV stamp, Venice, Italy
Palace of Victor [Emmanuelya] in Torino, Italy
Venetian entrance, spice, Italy
Court of the drugstore of [frantsiskantsev], Sicily, Italy
Street scene in Rome, Italy
Great cascade, [Tivoli], Italy
Gates SV of Pavel, Rome, Italy
Vatican, Rome, Italy
Falling tower, [Piza], Italy
The library of congress again gladden by the monochromatic photographs of the end of the 19th Century. In this time appeared the photographs of Italy – Venice, Rome, Florence, Torino, [Piza], and so several lakes – [Madzhero] and [Garda]. There was no sense to transfer all photographs into this record, I selected about forty interesting in my view, for those, who desire to look entire collection I recommend to visit site –

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