Sunday, July 17, 2011

The 30 Best of Animal Photography 2010

Photography is so popular these days, largely thanks to the digital revolution, allowing us to upload our pictures in seconds to our computers. The photographic art has been around for almost two hundred years with people diversifying into various areas of expertise and specialising in such topics as fashion, glamour, wedding, portrait, etc. One of the most rewarding and satisfying has to be wildlife photography. Capturing that perfect moment, the split second when light, focus, absolutely everything is just right. That you were lucky enough to have managed to shoot the perfect picture more than compensates for all the endless hours of waiting.
Of all the genres, wildlife is certainly one of the more difficult to take on board. Unless you are at the zoo or another kind of animal enclosure, you can be hanging around endlessly for weeks and even months to get that one perfect animal moment. It takes time, passion and immense patience if you are really serious about wildlife photography. As most of the animals we are talking about, eg foxes, birds, squirrels and bears, would not naturally come close to you, the majority of your wildlife shots will be captured using a telephoto lens. Here is our selection of 30 best animal photographs of 2010.
30 Photos

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